Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where Have We Gone?

Just a brief update.

Lane's organization asked him to work in Las Vegas, NM the next few weeks so that's where we are at the moment. We've shifted lodging from a hotel, where I couldn't cook, to a studio apartment. I made red curry tofu with brown rice and lamb's quarters last night--so divine after a few days of only eating out!

While Lane is off visiting patients, I'm at "home" studying and prepping for next school year. Such the exciting life we lead.  Our fabulous neighbors are helping out at the lean-to, irrigating and minding the chickens. We are so grateful!

Las Vegas is an interesting community of about 20,000 residents. It is home to my current university, Highlands, as well as New Mexico's only remaining Carnegie Library. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Highlands employs the same number of people as the Wal-Mart (300). Hmmm.

The history of Las Vegas includes being a trading spot along the Santa Fe Trail. This built up the railroad industry at the turn of the century which is why you can find quite a bit of Victorian architecture around downtown. From my experience this is rather unusual in New Mexico, where adobe revival is the predominant architecture. 

Las Vegas has a natural food store which I think I've been to at least twice a day and two farmer's markets a week. We've tried many of the local restaurants and so far our two favorites are Beans and Sweets for the made-from-scratch soup and chocolate chip cookies and the El Fidel restaurant for from-scratch cooking and baking using locally-sourced ingredients when possible. The pasta dishes we had were incredible (and vegetarian!) and the ice cream and sorbets are made in-house.

The film scene is alive here with a drive-in theater open Friday and Saturday, a one-screen theater downtown, movies twice a week in the summer at Highlands' campus and  movies in the park at the Carnegie Library. Not bad for a town of 20,000.

As we have opportunities to explore the area I will post any excitement or adventure that pops up but for now, I have to hit the books!


Chile said...

Sounds a whole lot nicer than the other Las Vegas!

Desert Lean-to said...

Definitely different, that's for sure!

Cindy said...

Years ago, we stayed there in a wonderfully-restored old motor court.

Desert Lean-to said...

Cindy, This town has its charms, doesn't it?