Thursday, February 3, 2011

Airing Out Our Clean Laundry

With our abundant sunshine we usually have enough heat and solar energy to dry our clothes outside. The last few days have seen the temperatures well below freezing and snow falling from the sky. When the weather doesn't cooperate we will sometimes  drape our wet clothes over the furniture and any available drying surface. Lane, however, has hatched a different idea:

The ladder/hangar setup in front of the gas heater has worked swimmingly. It may not make it into the New York Times Home and Garden section, but it is certainly effective. We just rotate the ladder from time to time and everything dries well.

In Corinne Tippett's book Just a Couple of Chickens she recounts a time where inclement weather drove her inside to de-feather a chicken and warm up her two daughters. She sat on the couch of their trailer and plucked feathers off a chicken's carcass in their living room. Imagine her husband's surprise upon returning home to find his wife inside their home, hunkered over a half-naked chicken and her realization of what their life had become now that they were poultry farmers in the country. That's sort of how I feel about our dirty ladder drying rack. It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done and, that's just how our life is.

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