Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stone Fruit

Although we lost quite a few young apricots during the last few weeks of high winds, there were some survivors. These trees are on our lot, as opposed to the 4 cherries which make up the guerrilla orchard on the acequia.

The peaches are also hanging on. In fact, I had to thin this tree today to allow enough room for the fruits to mature. The peach began flowering after the apricot, which is why I think it is putting out more wee peaches.

In other gardening news, the chickens found a way to get out of their large run, those sneaky girls. We came home from a jaunt out of town to find all of the young lettuce devoured. I think they may have found the numerous flower seeds we planted, too. Strangely, they didn't eat the beet, turnip, or carrot greens. Picky picky.

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