Sunday, June 24, 2012

The End of the Apricots

Today marked the end of apricot season at the Lean-To. It was lovely while it lasted. I juiced the last 14 apricots into a thick nectar. What I will do with that, I have no idea. As you can see in the picture below, they were looking pretty haggard and there was only one that I ate out of hand. Many had succumbed to ants and birds, but that's part of the deal when you sign up to garden. At least in my opinion.

Inspired by Chile and her juice fast, I pulled out our juicer today. It is not a very good model as it doesn't juice greens or ginger--two of the things I'd love to be able to juice. I picked it up about a year ago from our former neighbors who were downsizing to travel this great land of ours and live in a fifth wheel with their two children ages 6 and 11. I haven't heard from them in some time and wonder how their adventure turned out. I knew their juicer wasn't going to be perfect for our needs, but for $20 I was willing to help out a neighbor and gain a mediocre juicer.

I harvested these carrots from the garden, threw in some cucumber and some ginger in the hope that this time it would get juiced. The results were pretty delicious. Whenever I drink fresh juice I get a little zing that lasts for a while.  The pulp goes to the chicken and we are all very happy.

I would love to juice more but am unwilling to shell out $400 for a great juicer. Does anyone know of a model between $100-$200 that will juice greens like kale, ginger, the usual suspects (carrots, fruit) and, possibly, wheatgrass? Links would be much appreciated


Chile said...

Mmm, the peach nectar I had last week from the juicer was divine! I also know of a good apricot chutney recipe if you're interested in the link, but it uses the whole fruit. It could possibly be adapted to be chutney juice?

The juicer I bought was a Breville. They have models ranging from $150 up. Mine was $200 but I used a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond to get it for less. Reviews of the Breville juicers are the best I saw when doing my research in that price range.

Desert Lean-to said...

Hi Chile,

Thanks for popping over here and answering my question twice--once here and once on your juice reboot. I had the apricot nectar in some yogurt and it was divine! If I had more apricots, I'd hit you up for the chutney recipe.