Saturday, October 2, 2010

What We've Been Up To

This is our view of Sandia on the ride home from the co-op.

Blogging was much easier before I started grad school and a new part-time job. While I'm grateful for the education and employment, I miss having the time to tell you about our goings-on. In addition, our  camera is on the fritz and it's just not as fun to write without accompanying pictures.

An update:

We've been getting out on our bikes most weekends and even a time or two mid-week. Our last cycling adventure was both thrilling and chilling (literally and figuratively). More details on that may follow soon. I'm attending New Mexico Highlands University in their Special Education graduate program. After this school year I will have an endorsement in gifted education and be 2/3 finished with my special education certification. All of my courses are online which provides a lot of flexibility and I'm learning quite a bit in this field. My new job is at Mountain Mahogany Community School, a lovely charter school. They are heavily influenced by Waldorf education and the climate/environment is great. They have a gardening teacher who I volunteer with once a week as well as a handworks teacher that does knitting, felting and sewing. I assist in the 5th and 6th grades with two wonderful teachers. In addition I will be doing a science club where I taught last year. They have a beautiful wildlife sanctuary on campus which will serve as the club's outdoor classroom. I may also do some other class trips to the sanctuary depending on budget. I'm looking forward to it!

The weather here is cooling down--crisp nights and warm days. The Balloon Fiesta begins this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing the sky dotted with bright balloons. One (accidentally?) landed near campus a few days ago and was a very exciting beginning to the school day. We have planted four fruit trees (Green Gauge Plum, Wealthy apple, Garnet Beauty Peach and Chinese Apricot) and our acequia irrigation is up and running. Soon our neighbor's apple tree will be ready to harvest and I'll be putting up a variety of apple goodness. Stay tuned.

Next weekend a good friend of ours is coming in from San Fransisco. We'll take a week off from work to go into Colorado and around New Mexico cycling and camping. All is good in our world and we hope in yours, too!

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