Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tesuque Riding

Just north of Santa Fe is the village of Tesuque and Tesuque Pueblo--another beautiful area for cycling. Starting from the village of Tesuque we had a great climb up into the national forest and then through Pacheco Canyon. The views on the way up were vast and sweeping. Truly amazing and impossible to capture with the point and shoot. I think we may have seen a juvenile horned lizard, too! The picture above was snapped while in the canyon and the photo hardly does any justice to the natural beauty.

After  a 12 mile climb (and lots of breaks) we began the descent on the Windsor Trail. Although steep at the beginning it turned into rolling single track that was so delightful. Towards the end there were multiple stream crossings-some a real challenge--and a few hikers to politely pass. Here's Amy on some singletrack:
Can't see her yet...

Getting closer...


 There were quite a few small meadows like this and some very loose, sandy/rocky areas too. It was varied and a ton of fun.

"Is that a fully rigid vintage Raleigh?" you may be asking yourself. Why yes, it is. We both have vintage mountain bikes from the early-mid 80s, before the advent of shocks and suspension forks.  Amy's is a Raleigh Elkhorn that had been kept in a garage for the last 20 years and Lane's is a Ross Mt. Whitney which is also in great, shiny chrome condition. Usually when we go on rides like this we take a trunk and a long flap to hold extra water and supplies. No more sweaty backs from carrying a backpack! Returning to the car my odometer read 21.8 and we headed home. This was a ride I'd definitely like to do again.

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