Friday, November 19, 2010

Cozying up to Fall

Fall is here.

The mornings hover around freezing and most days the last of the acequia water has turned to ice. Hot tea and oatmeal start the morning. The recent cold nights are causing many trees to suddenly loose their leaves. My ride to work has been in showers of leaves as I ride along the ditch. Some of the leaves are even still green. Fall comes fast here, I suppose.

By lunch the chickens' water has thawed and they are happily pecking about the yard. Temperatures are in the 50s and I can be outdoors in a long sleeved shirt. Packed in my pannier are my winter gloves, hat and coat that were required just a few hours earlier.

As the sun begins it's final descent, the temperature starts its sudden drop. Once the sun is out of site, the mercury plummets and the gloves, hat and coat are resurrected. The kettle is on for endless cups of tea and squash roasts in the oven.

The next day the cycle begins again. I love it.

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