Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Girls In Print

A few months ago I responded to a survey by the lovely folks at Homegrown Evolution regarding urban permaculture. Much to my chagrin, Erik Knudsen from Homegrown thought some of my quotes were worthy for an article he was writing. A bit later I was contacted by an editor from Urban Farm magazine asking for some photos that might go with urban permaculture and my responses to Erik's survey. The only pics I really had on had were of the chickens and this photo was chosen:

So, not only are some of my words going to be in print, but a large, glossy pic of the girls will be too. If you are interested in urban permaculture, or urban farming in general, Urban Farm magazine is a good resource. Erik's article will appear in the Jan/Feb issue. We got an advanced copy and the article is great and the girls look good, too.

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