Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Baking

Between planting the first seeds of the season (hooray!) and house projects, I managed to get some cooking and baking in. Mark Bittman has some pretty swell soup recipes in the Sunday Magazine of the NYT. Here is the link if you're so inclined to try them.

I gave the Curried cauliflower and Tomato and Garlic a try. The cauliflower was good, but needed something. Maybe I should have used full fat coconut milk and added a potato to thicken it a bit.

The tomato and garlic, however was far better than the simple ingredients implied. I used home-canned tomatoes and I think that's why it was so superb. This soup really tasted like summer and went well with garlicky mustard greens and roasted red potatoes with garlic vegannaise aioli.

This morning I whipped up some very hearty Rye and Cornmeal Muffins with Caraway, also from the Times. With whole wheat, rye and cornmeal flours they were dense and went well with some brie for a snack to power us through gardening and floor finishing. In the oven is a take on tamale pie with faux beef and green chile. It smells so good, I hope I can wait for the crust to brown!

What culinary delights did you enjoy this weekend?

And if you're wondering, I started three varieties of tomatoes indoors (purple calabash, yellow taxi and glacier) and planted tatsoi, several varieties of beets (including bull's blood), Danver's carrots, purple-top turnips and a mesculin salad mix. In a few days we'll see just how ready the beds were (and how diligent my watering).

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