Sunday, March 6, 2011

Urban Homesteading on Bikes

Yes, that is Lane strapping a 50 pound bag of chicken feed to the rear rack of his bike. That's how we roll here in the North Valley.

In our part of Albuquerque we have at least 4 feed stores within a 5 mile radius and this one is about a mile away. Isn't that horse fabulous?

There is also a veterinary supply store down the street should your horse or other four-legged friend require diy medical attention. Sadly, they do not carry any poultry-specific supplies.

Picking up chicken essentials such as feed, scratch and straw was something I used to do by car. With strong bike racks, however, driving is now a thing of the past. We just pack enough compression straps and a sense of humor. It also helps to have a partner.

That seemingly giant bale of straw was what I carried. We tied it down a bit off-kilter and had to stop a few times on the way home to straighten it out as best we could. And to control our laughter. I'm still finding bits of straw in the pockets of my jeans.


Chile said...

Love it! The very first thing I ever carried home on my bike rack was a cantaloupe. I had no rack bag, no straps, no plan. So, I tied it up in a white plastic grocery bag and tied the loops onto the edges of the rack. Halfway home, I realized that it looked like I'd laid a big ol' egg just behind my bike seat!

Now, with our Xtracycles, we can carry humongous loads: 150 pounds of oranges in burlap bags, 5 gallon water bottles, interior door, boxes of books. For the hay bales, though? We took the bike trailer...

Desert Lean-to said...

Thanks, Chile. We love hauling sizable loads, too. When we were putting up clay walls, we hauled the 50 lb bags of clay on our racks. Every time we went over a bump, a little poof of clay dust escaped the bags--that cracked us up too.

Your Xtracycles sound pretty fantastic.