Monday, July 2, 2012

Root & Squash Harvest

Today marked the garden moment I could not Put Off Any Longer--harvesting the root veggies that had been languishing in the triple-digit heat. Their greens looked sad, but their roots looked good.

I should have included something in the picture for scale because everything is really, really small relative to grocery store sizes. Even the squash are in miniature. Well, maybe not the acorn squash but I think the other two mystery squashes might be a tad diminutive. They are both about the size of a large grapefruit. If anyone can name what the orange and green speckled squash are, I'd appreciate it. My lazy gardening style includes throwing squash seeds into the compost/garden and sometimes we get some surprises.

Right now some turnips, rutabaga and carrots are roasting in a solar panel oven--a CooKit to be more exact. It's just too darn hot to run the conventional oven.

In other garden news, the squash are clearly producing and the tomatoes should be starting to turn red in a week or two. The sunflowers are also starting to open up. The garden is really coming alive!

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Chile said...

Beautiful harvest!