Monday, July 23, 2012

Yard Pics

This morning there was a roadrunner on our gate. Although they are somewhat ubiquitous in Albuquerque, I never tire of seeing them. And to have one in our yard--fantastic! I had to take the picture through the screen door so as not to alarm it which is why it is especially lousy. As soon as I quietly opened the door, it hopped off and ran away.

Yesterday and this morning I worked on our shade structure/bike storage project. We were given some redwood stain and, although initially worried we'd have that 70's redwood deck vibe, I'm pleased with the results. I just need to use a brush to fill in some of the gaps and then we're ready for the roof.

The semi dwarf peach is totally taking over!

I've also been harvesting a few tomatoes from the garden and a winter squash every now and again. I had high hopes to plant beans, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant, but the no-maintenance volunteer squash and tomatoes helped my lazy side to put those off until next summer. Here is what appears to be a sugar pie pumpkin (also a volunteer).

Things are looking good in the yard and we had a neighbor say that our place has never looked this good in the 15 years he's been in the neighborhood. The yard is wild, but green and he could tell that we care about such things. I'm hoping for a more orderly look next year, but I'm glad we're not the scourge of the neighborhood.


Chile said...

Gotta love those volunteers - they do all the work and produce something tasty, too!

We had a pair of roadrunners nest in the mesquite tree out front this spring. Wish they'd catch more of the darn pocket gophers, though, instead of going after the lizards. The lizards eat the ants, which is a good thing. The gophers eat our plants, which is a bad thing.

Desert Lean-to said...

I recall that you observed a roadrunner make swift work of a pocket gopher. That was amazing! I'm not sure what this one is able to eat in our little ecosystem-an anole lizard, maybe, but luckily no gophers!