Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Escape to Cooler Climes

Over the weekend temperatures were forecast to be around 100 degrees which for us is just too darn hot. One way that we beat the heat is to head to the mountains of northern New Mexico. It is really beautiful and significantly cooler. Saturday we met a friend at Angel Fire ski resort to do some mountain biking. Resort writing is not our favorite type of riding, but it was nice to change things up. At Angel Fire our bikes and us ride up the chairlift and then scream down the mountain. Most of the people who ride there are downhillers a.k.a DH'ers. They wear full body armor and have bikes with enough suspension to do 10 foot drops. Because their bikes are so squishy they can tear down the trails without feeling the smallest bumps. They love this.

We love the scenery and the challenge of the riding. In fact, when we stop to take in the views, DH'er after DH'er will stop and ask if we're ok. They can't imagine why anyone would stop unless there was serious problem. Here we are enjoying one of these vista breaks.

It was great to get out of town and beat the heat. We're back to more normal temperatures and had the first monsoon of the season last night! There's nothing like the sound of rain when you've missed it for months.

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Chile said...

I'm jealous! At least it's overcast here today and not so hot. We may get rain tomorrow!